Municipal Assessor Recognized For Collection Efficiency Rating

The Bureau of Local Government Finance Regional Office 6 gave the Municipal Assessment Office a Certificate of Commendation for collecting more than the agency’s annual goal.

In comparison to the annual target set by the Bureau of Local Government Finance for the fiscal year 2021, the Municipal Assessor’s Office, under the direction of Mr. Jofre U. Acevedo, received a collection efficiency rating of 267.13%.

The rating was based on how well four local sources of income—real property tax, business tax, other taxes, fees, and charges, and economic enterprise—were collected.

The Acting Regional Director of the BLGF, Maria Rhodora C. Gascon, and Atty. Amy Grace O. Bolivar, Provincial Treasurer of Negros Occidental and President of Regata VI, Inc., both signed the Certificate of Commendation.

The Municipal Assessment Office makes regular checks in the twelve barangays of the municipality to make sure that residents are complying with tax mapping regulations.

Acevedo thanked BLGF R6 for recognizing how his office helps our agency stay financially stable in FY2021 by collecting real property taxes and other locally-sourced income.

He also credited the “silent workers” in his office for their hard work, synergy, and efficiency in real estate assessment, which resulted in not only meeting but also exceeding their targets.

“I am also grateful to Mayor Mary Lenette Fernandez for her support of our office’s plans and programs, particularly our tax mapping efforts,” he said. (By Ernan T. Baldomero)

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