Lezo Map

Lezo, officially the Municipality of Lezo, is a fifth-class landlocked municipality in the coastal province of Aklan. It is located in the northern part of the province of Aklan and is bounded by Numancia in the northeast, Kalibo and Banga in the southeast, Makato in the northwest, and Malinao in the southwest. It is situated between 11° 40′ north latitude and 122° 20′ east longitude.

It is the smallest municipality, with a land area of 23.40 square kilometers or 9.03 square miles, accounting for 1.33% of Aklan’s total area. The population was 15,639 according to the 2020 Census. This represented 2.54% of the total population of Aklan province or 0.20% of the total population of the Western Visayas region. Based on these figures, the population density is calculated to be 668 inhabitants per square kilometer or 1,732 inhabitants per square mile.

It is politically divided into 12 barangays: Agcawilan, Bagto, Bugasongan, Carugdog, Cogon, Ibao, Mina, Poblacion, and Sta. Cruz, Sta. Cruz Biga-a, Silakat-Nonok, and Tayhawan.