Lezo Takes Swift Action to Combat African Swine Fever

Lezo, Aklan – In a proactive move to safeguard public health and protect the local swine industry, Mayor Mary Lenette R. Fernandez has issued the revised Executive Order No. 10-A, implementing strict regulations to combat the spread of African Swine Fever (ASF) within the Municipality of Lezo.

The executive order, developed through extensive consultations with the Municipal Agriculture Office and Punong Barangays, aims to prevent the dissemination of ASF to neighboring municipalities and minimize the potential consequences of this highly contagious hemorrhagic disease.

The newly implemented regulations impose a total ban on the entry of live swine/pigs, fresh and frozen pork, and pork products from outside Lezo. This ban applies to all individuals, establishments, and entities without exception and will remain in effect until further notice.

To enforce stringent biosecurity measures and prevent the transmission of ASF within the municipality, hog traders and livestock transport carriers will face restrictions. The Municipal Agriculture Office, in collaboration with the Philippine National Police, ASF Task Force, and barangays, will oversee the implementation of necessary protocols to ensure compliance and reduce the risk of contagion.

To strengthen defenses against ASF, control points will be strategically established throughout Lezo. These control points, managed by Barangay Biosecurity Officers in collaboration with the Municipal Police Station and its auxiliaries, will closely monitor and manage the movement of hog traders, livestock transport carriers, and other concerned individuals.

Stringent biosecurity measures will also be enforced at the Municipal Slaughterhouse to ensure utmost safety during the handling and processing of swine. The Municipal Agriculture Office, in coordination with relevant authorities, will ensure strict adherence to rigorous protocols and hygiene standards.

To maintain the integrity of the swine population and safeguard public health, all live swine/pigs entering Lezo will undergo mandatory testing and certification conducted by authorized veterinary professionals. This rigorous screening process will promptly identify and isolate any infected animals, preventing the spread of ASF within the municipality.

Moreover, the sale and consumption of pork products originating from ASF-infected areas are strictly prohibited within Lezo. This decisive measure aims to eliminate any potential risks associated with contaminated pork and ensure the safety and well-being of residents.

The municipality highlights the importance of collaboration and increased vigilance in the fight against ASF. A unified and synchronized response is crucial, not only within Lezo but also through cooperation with neighboring municipalities and provinces. Establishing effective communication channels, coordinating surveillance efforts, and consolidating resources will play a pivotal role in monitoring the movement of swine and pork products across borders, thus impeding further transmission of ASF.

Mayor Mary Lenette R. Fernandez stressed the urgency of these measures, stating, “We must act swiftly and decisively to protect our swine industry, public health, and the well-being of our community. By implementing these regulations and fostering a culture of responsibility and resilience, we can effectively combat the intrusion and proliferation of African Swine Fever.”

Violation of the provisions outlined in the executive order will result in appropriate penalties and sanctions as prescribed by relevant laws and regulations. The Municipal Agriculture Office, in collaboration with the Municipal Legal Office, will ensure the enforcement of these measures to maintain accountability and deter any actions that may compromise the health and safety of the municipality.

This Executive Order takes immediate effect upon signing and will remain in force until lifted. The municipality urges all residents, stakeholders, and concerned individuals to fully cooperate and actively participate in preventing the spread of ASF. (By Ernan Baldomero)

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