DOH 6 Commended Lezo for Successful Vaccination Drive

Lezo, Philippines – The Municipality of Lezo received recognition for overseeing a highly effective vaccination campaign. The Department of Health (DOH) Field Office 6 praised the successful implementation of the “#ChikitingLigtas” program, a two-day Measles-Rubella and Oral Polio Vaccine Supplemental Immunization Activity (MR OPV SIA) held on May 24-25, 2023, coinciding with the inauguration of a new Barangay Health Station in Brgy. Carugdog.

Under the leadership of Mayor Mary Lenette R. Fernandez, the Lezo Rural Health Unit, headed by Officer-in-Charge Municipal Health Officer (OIC MHO) Dr. John Wibelle B. Ingles, played a pivotal role in the campaign’s success. Collaborating with personnel from the DOH Regional and Provincial Office and the Provincial Health Office, they ensured widespread measles-rubella and oral polio vaccinations for the children in Lezo, demonstrating the municipality’s commitment to disease prevention.

The “#ChikitingLigtas” campaign not only focused on vaccinations but also prioritized health education and parental awareness. DOH personnel conducted informative sessions, addressing vaccine concerns and dispelling misconceptions, ensuring parents were well-informed about the importance and benefits of immunizations.

Mayor Mary Lenette R. Fernandez expressed gratitude to the DOH and their dedicated personnel for their unwavering support throughout the campaign. She emphasized her pride in the Municipality of Lezo and the hard work of the Lezo Rural Health Unit personnel.

She reiterated the municipality’s commitment to providing accessible healthcare services for all residents, with a special emphasis on the well-being of children.

The success of the “#ChikitingLigtas” campaign, led by Mayor Fernandez, positions Lezo as a role model for others. Their dedication to vaccination campaigns and creating a safe environment for children sets an inspiring example, showcasing the significant impact of collaborative efforts in building a healthy community. (By Ernan T. Baldomero, Photo by PHO-Aklan)

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