Lezo Celebrates 158th Foundation Day with Community Events and Recognition

LEZO, AKLAN – The Municipality of Lezo marked its 158th Foundation Day with a series of events on July 6, 2023, bringing together LGU officials, employees, various cooperatives, and barangay representatives in a day-long celebration.

The day’s events kicked off with a Holy Mass at St. Isidore Parish Church, followed by a Flag Ceremony and the Raising of Municipal and Barangay Banners. A symbolic Lighting of the Torch was held at the Lezo Peace Treaty Marker, signifying unity and peace within the community.

One of the highlights of the day was the Dagathon Race, a unique clay lifting relay where competitors showcased their strength and endurance by running while carrying several kilos of clay. The race added a lively and competitive spirit to the celebration.

The festivities continued at the Saturnino G. Fernandez Memorial Sports and Cultural Center. Here, students from Lezo Integrated School who had excelled in regional competitions were recognized for their achievements, adding a note of pride to the occasion. In addition, a centenarian from Brgy. Tayhawan was honored with a Certificate and Cash Award, a testament to the municipality’s respect and care for its elderly citizens.

In a bid to raise funds for a children’s playground project in the 12 barangays, a raffle draw was also conducted. This initiative aims to create safe and recreational spaces for children across the municipality.

The 158th Foundation Day served as a reminder of the rich history of Lezo and the unity of its people. With a blend of religious observance, community participation, and recognition of local talent, the event successfully marked another milestone in the municipality’s journey. (By Ernan T. Baldomero)

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