Lezo Holds Successful Barangay GAD Planning and Budgeting Seminar in Boracay

Lezo, Aklan – The Municipality of Lezo, Aklan held its 2024 Barangay Gender and Development (GAD) Planning and Budgeting seminar in Boracay. Sponsored by the Gender and Development Focal Point System (GADFPS) chaired by Mayor Mary Lenette Fernandez, the activity aimed to help Barangay officials in the preparation of their respective Barangay GAD Plans and Budgets.

The seminar was attended by 12 Punong Barangays from Lezo, with LNB President Albane Nepomuceno leading the delegation. The activity speaker was Engr. Lorna Cawaling, PGADH/GAD Focal Point Person, who shared her inputs, insights, and learnings on the preparation of Barangay GAD Plan and Budget.

The Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator, Engr. Asil Claud Sabar, also provided technical assistance on the preparation of the Barangay Comprehensive Plan and technical inputs on the improvement of Barangay GAD Plan. Meanwhile, MLGOO Mam Emmie Cawaling helped with her inputs.

One of the highlights of the seminar was the participation of PMSg. Karen Gail Daño from the Lezo Municipal Police Station, who shared her inputs on handling and managing VAWC cases. Her insights and experiences helped Barangay officials to better understand the importance of addressing and preventing Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC).

Overall, the seminar was a success, providing participants with the necessary tools and knowledge to prepare their Barangay GAD Plans and Budgets. Mayor Fernandez hopes that the seminar will help promote gender-sensitive development in the Municipality of Lezo.

The Municipality of Lezo is committed to ensuring the welfare and empowerment of women and children, and this seminar is just one of the many initiatives it has implemented to achieve this goal. (By Ernan Baldomero)

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