1. Medical Consultation, Medical Service And Referrals.

This is a medical service that may be availed by the clients who wishes to have consultation, check-up and referrals. Clients are examined according to the cases presented. Medicines are prescribed and dispensed, and referral to the next level facility for further evaluation and treatment may be facilitated when necessary.

2. Dental Consultation

This is a medical service where clients seek dental consultation like tooth extraction and examination.

3. National Tuberculosis Program (NTP)

A national mandated public health program responsible for TB control providing TB diagnostic and treatment services thru its basic integrated health services referred to as DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment Short Course) facilities.

4. National Immunization Program (NIP)

A national health program which aims to reduce the morbidity and mortality among infants and mothers against the most common vaccine-preventable diseases such as tuberculosis, poliomyelitis, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis and measles among others. Under this program, immunization now include school age children, adolescents as well as senior citizens.

5. Issuance of Environmental Health Sanitation Permit

Industrial and food establishments should secure Environmental Health sanitation Permit for compliance of sanitary requirements. They can avail of these services at the Municipal Health Office.

6. Securing of Health Card

Vendors, food handlers and sales clerks need to secure health cards as part of employment and business permit requirement.

7. Issuance Of Permit For Exhumation

This is a permit secured to allow removal of buried dead body from the niche to be used again for another burial.

8. Birthing Services

The LGU has a Lying-in clinic, a health care facility which aims to serve low-risk childbearing women and having normal status during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. This is an alternative and accessible health unit facility other than a hospital equipped to provide safe delivery for mothers and child care.

9. Physical Examination Services

This is a medical service where a patient is being examined for any possible medical signs or symptoms of a medical condition. This may be done by group especially when the purpose of the requesting agency is to seek medical proof for a particular purpose or event.

10. Medico-Legal/Post-Mortem Examination Service

Medico legal and post-mortem examinations are usually done in special cases with legal implications such as complaints, claims, regulatory issues, inquests and criminal investigations.

11. Signing of Death Certificate

Issuance of death certificate passes thru the rural health officer as it assesses and confirms the cause of death of the fatality.

12. Pre-Marriage Counseling on Family Planning and Responsible Parenthood

Pre-married couples, upon application of the Marriage License, are advised to undergo a series of pre-marriage counseling from the Office of Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officer, Office of the Municipal Agriculture and Office of the Rural Health Officer, as mandated by law under PD 965 and Article 16 of the New Family Code of 1991. This is done on appointment basis.