1. Registration of Civil Registry Documents.

Republic Act No. 3753 mandates the establishment of Civil Register in the Philippines where acts, events, legal instruments and court decrees concerning the civil status of a person be recorded.

Vital event of a person, that is: birth, death and marriage shall be registered within thirty (30) days from the date of occurrence in the Office of the Municipal Civil registrar of the city/municipality where such event occurred.

2. Delayed Registration of Civil Registry Documents.

Registration of Civil Registry Document beyond the reglamentary period of thirty (30) days.

3. Issuance of Certified True Copies of Civil Registry Documents (Births, Marriage, Deaths).

The permit fees on cockpit personnel shall be paid before they participate in a cockfight and shall be paid annually upon renewal of the permit on the birth month of the permittee.

4. Registration of Legal Instruments (Legitimation Of Natural Child); Ausf of R.A. 9255; Supplemental Affidavit Of Legitimation of R.A. 9858; Affidavit of Admission of Paternity; Marriage Settlement.

As a general rule, all legal instruments shall be registered in the Civil registry of the place where they were executed.

5. Endorsement of Civil Registry Documents on File to PSA Central Office.

As a rule, all civil registrar shall submit civil registry documents to the Office of the Civil Registrar General (OCRG) thru their respective PSA provincial offices.

There are instances when PSA cannot issue copy/copies to the interested party because their Office have no available record in the archive, or the current document is still with the PSA provincial office being processed.

To facilitate the issuance of requested documents, the concerned Civil Registrar is required to endorse/ submit the needed document on a piecemeal basis to PSA.

6. Applying for Marriage License.

Where a marriage license is required, each of the contracting parties shall file a separate sworn application for such license with the proper local civil registrar of the place where either or both of the contracting parties reside.

The local civil registrar concerned shall enter all application for marriage license filed with him in a registry book strictly in the order in which the same are received.

When the license is issued, the same shall be valid in any part of the Philippines for a period of one hundred twenty days (120) from the date of issue, and shall be deemed automatically cancelled at the expiration of said period if the contracting parties has not made use of it.

7. Filing of Petitions for Correction of Clerical Errors in Civil Registry Documents thru R.A. 9048 and R.A. 10172.

REPUBLIC ACTS 9048 and 10172 authorizes the city/municipal civil registrar to correct clerical or typographical error in an entry and/or change first name in civil registry document without need of a judicial order.

8. Submission of Monthly Report of All Registered Civil Registry Documents To PSA Central Office.

All registered Civil Registry Documents must be submitted to PSA central office by the concerned Civil Registrar on or before the 10th day of very preceding month.