Mayor's Message

Republic of the Philippines
Province of Aklan
Municipality of Lezo
Office of the Municipal Mayor


As our commitment to deliver quality public service, the Local Government Unit of Lezo, Aklan has crafted the Citizen’s Charter. This is a guidebook on key local government services and enforceable contract between the municipal government and its constituents to improve service delivery and promote customer satisfaction.

This charter is one of the tools for people empowerment, we expect it to enhance transparency and accountability in government service. The guidebook describes the steps and procedures on how to avail of a specific government service. It identifies who among our co-workers are responsible for each service; in many cases, it pinpoints accountability for every step in the service delivery system.  Through it, we have unilaterally removed the cloak of anonymity that has been the refuge of the irresponsible and the incompetent public servant.

We expect it to strengthen ourselves —the local leadership, the bureaucracy and other instrumentalities of the local government. Countless studies have shown that participation and predictability, transparency and accountability form the cornerstones of good governance.  Practicing good governance certainly does not kill; on the contrary, it makes the practitioner even stronger.  We will emerge stronger and better because this kind of governance is inclusive, propelled by the power of the very people it embraces and serves.

With the publication of this charter, we hope to have set in motion, a dynamic process of continuing engagement with the community of customers we are serving and with hard work, diligence, and cooperation, I am positive that the LGU can truly provide the services that the public truly deserve.

Mabuhay Lezeños!

Municipal Mayor